12-14 Feburary 2016

Recoleta, Santiago, Chile


11-14 March 2016

Adelaide, South Australia

WOMAD New Zealand

18-20 March 2016

Brooklands Park & TSB Bowl, Taranaki, New Zealand


28-31 July 2016

Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK

WOMAD Cáceres

Free Event!

Back this year, date TBC

Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain

What is WOMAD?

Millions of festival-goers · Thousands of artists · 30 countries · One vision

WOMAD stands for the World of Music, Arts and Dance, and gives its name to the internationally established WOMAD Festival that brings together artists from all over the globe. As well as presenting and celebrating the huge array of art forms the planet has to offer, a central aim of WOMAD's many festivals is to promote cross-cultural awareness and tolerance.


In 2012, WOMAD celebrated both 30 years as a festival in the UK and 20 years as a festival in Australia. Already one of the longest established cultural events in the world, we have hosted festivals in more than 30 countries, with the WOMAD experience enjoyed by a collective audience of millions.

Over the years, our aims have remained strong and true: whether at festivals or other performance events, through recorded releases or educational projects, we aim to excite, to create, to inform and to highlight awareness of the worth and potential of a multicultural society.

Who are the people behind WOMAD?

The WOMAD team is a dedicated and highly experienced collection of music industry and events professionals who together pool their expertise to create a festival experience unlike any other. From scouting for locations and event management to booking the best artists and developing effective press and marketing campaigns, the team's expertise is second to none.

The team also includes internationally renowned musician Peter Gabriel, one of WOMAD's founders.

“Pure enthusiasm for music from around the world led us to the idea of WOMAD in 1980 and thus to the first WOMAD Festival in 1982. The festivals have always been wonderful and unique occasions and have succeeded in introducing an international audience to many talented artists.”

Peter Gabriel

“Equally important, the festivals have also allowed many different audiences to gain an insight into cultures other than their own through the enjoyment of music. Music is a universal language–it draws people together and proves, as well as anything, the stupidity of racism.”

Peter Gabriel
Where in the world are WOMAD festivals held?

Since the first festival in the UK in 1982, WOMAD has created iconic festivals and events in more than 30 countries and islands all over the world. More than 2,000 artists–representing in excess of 100 different nations–have appeared on WOMAD stages across the globe.

Currently, WOMAD festivals can be found in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy and Fuerteventura, making its debut in 2014. Other festivals being planned include events in South Africa, Malaysia, Portugal and Canada.

No two WOMAD events are alike. The festival location in each country is as important to its atmosphere as the music and dance that it presents. WOMAD works with many different visual artists to create distinctive areas and experiences, with a global village of shops adding to the one-world feel of the entire event.

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